August 20, 2017

Today’s was inspired by the Eating Well I received yesterday: almond milk, almonds, spinach, peach, banana, maple syrup nd matcha topped with sliced kiwi. YUMMM

August 19, 2017

I missed yesterday.  Today is a steamy summer day.  For refreshment – Kale, coconut milk, banana. watermelon, kiwi.  Light and refreshing.

August 18, 2017

I had made two of the Little Nausea smoothie. Yesterday’s smoothie was coconut milk, kale, banana, blueberry, almond butter and  cacao.  Satisfies my sweet tooth and chocolate urges.  I had it early evening as yesterday we were out to lunch.  Trying, so mahi-mahi fish tacos with shredded red cabbage on the side.

August 15, 2017

Today’s smoothie – coconut milk, spinach, cherries, blueberries.  When my parents were dating, they won a little fun fair animal that they called Little Nausea.  It was purple and green and I LOVED it.  Todays’ smoothie reminds me of Little Nausea and I love it.

August  13, 2017

Avocado Pineapple – delicious and perfect for a summer afternoon.  It’s refreshing!

January 9,2017 Smoothie of the Day -Thanksgiving in Your Mouth – Mangos and sweet potato.  Excellent vitamin C for my col


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