Green Smoothies, Montel and Me

So in my  journey to find out more and redesign a life and a way of eating, of course, there’s Montel Williams.  He has “it”.  When I was first diagnosed someone told me well check out Montel’s stuff as he has it. I looked.  I wasn’t that bad and I couldn’t relate.  I will tell you that right away when  I saw that he exercises an hour a day I couldn’t do it.  I wake up around 4 a.m. as it is.  It was interesting and all that but not for me. But now, I am revisiting “stuff”.  I downloaded a sample of his book to my Kindle.  Oh, this time I relate.  He writes about getting out of bed and holding onto walls.  I take the book out of the library so I could find out more about the green smoothies  and last night Tom asks me  about it and I start to read some of it to him.  And I start to weep.  I almost never, ever cry over this.  It is what it is.  But I am reading aloud how Montel consciously has to say, lift right foot, lift left foot.  Me, too!  My husband says he hears me say that too when he is helping me way

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