Annette Funicello

This morning I was thinking of Annette Funicello.  She had MS and died of complications from it. That’s what they tell me – I won’t die from it but probably from the complications. Excuse me?  How is that different?  But, anyway I was wondering why she didn’t explore this food option or did she attempt this?  If she did, for how long?  Why didn’t it work?  Or why didn’t she try?

I read the obituaries every morning.  I am of a certain age and my friends’ parents and my contemporaries are passing away.  And I need to know.  The universe is sending me messages as when I opened the obits, it was the anniversary of Annette Funicello’s death.

I take this as a sign that I need to make a decision and a commitment to live.  I must commit to living this lifestyle.  I do not plan of dying from complications.  I owe it to myself to do this the right way.