I have to start someplace. I have been thinking about this but that’s not good enough. I must do. I found out that there is a way of eating that will help me. It can slow or end the progress of my condition. I refuse to call it a disease. It’s like my husband told my doctors so this is what you call it when you have nothing else to call it. And they said he was right! We call it MC for my condition. Anyway, there is a way of eating that’s been around since the 50’s that can help me. When I started this journey I asked and asked but no one said anything. I have found this through a circuitous path. I should not eat gluten, dairy, eggs, beans, sugar and yeast. And very, very little fat. I can have grilled chicken or fish, vegetables. Now I actually like that stuff. I am not a big red meat person at all. I do like my black beans. The book I’ve decided to go with says that since I am not desperate I can remove things gradually. I essentially gave up gluten August 11. I am starting the dairy. I know the only way I am going to get through this is to blog. Not to keep me accountable. It’s for me. It’s the way I can process. I need to succeed. I’ll track progress or lack of, what I am eating and doing.

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