Sunday Blues

Today, I didn’t have the usual Sunday blues. I worked, so a little resentful a little tense.   No kids for dinner tonight so that was easy. We had dinner last night and it was glowing. Jeremy’s birthday. Bittersweet, no longer a little boy.

I am blogging for myself today. And work was for me. It will ease my mind when I stand in front of a hostile audience on Monday. So it was for me but not in a real me soothing way.

Eating – well an apple streusel muffin with spelt, then munching around and my usual favorite green smoothie. We did take out Chinese so spring roll, too greasy; hot and sour soup; steamed dumplings, gluten mistake.

No real exercise today, just half an hour on the stepper.

For whom or what are you grateful? What matters most in life? What am I grateful for today? Well, stepchildren. I have no children of my own. I am sad about that but the guys have given so much to my life. I think and hope that they will remember me when I am gone. I am thinking a lot more about mortality than before. I am grateful at how far my husband and I have come and the challenges we have overcome. And the blue fall skies.

What can I do tomorrow to make it better than today? Eat better, rest more and exercise. Standard stuff. But what I need to do is get down what I want to do.

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