The Kindness of Strangers and Providence

Continuing on my “winning” streak.  Monday morning.  The bus is late and doesn’t pull up to the curb.  I have enormous difficulties climbing on.  The good news is that since it was Monday, I could get on.  I made great time.  I was even able to cross Park Avenue in one go without help.  I haven’t been able to do this in months by myself.  There is a security guard in the building who sees me in the morning on his way into work and helps me cross and get in building.  He always tells me he has my back.  And there’s another guard at MetLife that watches out for me and helped me when it had rained and the floor was like icy glass.  I am so excited crossing that I don’t notice the sidewalk is closed.  I have to pick my way to the building entrance in the street.  There is no cut out and after the bus, I can’t manage the curb.  I ask for help and a young guy ear buds and all lifts me up, then asks if I need help with the building stairs.  People always say New Yorkers are rude but I have never found them so.  Perhaps fast and rushed but always helpful.  And that was even when I was well!

I walked well in the .  My left knee started to twinge as I left the office.  My right leg is the problem.  Breezed through Grand Central,  Times Square,  a little buckling.  Penn, just a little.  I always go down to the platform even when they say not to.  Yesterday, something stopped me. My left knee starts to buckle as I am standing there.  It’s odd.  Track change!  People held the elevator for me and I got on the train.  I sit in a car that is way off where I normally get off.  So, I walk to my stairs.  Not bad.  Top of the bannister is gone.  I need this.  However,  I manage to grab on.  I go down stairs one by one sideways.  I see a group of kids at the foot of stairs, look like clean cut teens. Maybe Eagle Scouts?  Crap!  After all this and knee is twinging like mad, I am going to have to say I don’t want to buy candy, chances, donate, whatever.  I go down two long flights of concrete stairs every night.  I do not want to deal.  I get to the second flight and I am beginning to count and I have to go to the bathroom sooo badly.  I get three or four stairs from the bottom and my left knee collapsed meaning I collapse.  Hanging onto bannister with both hands and can I tell you I have on a beautiful cream lace sheath?  Aside from injury, I don’t want this dress ruined.  Teen boys rush up, catch me, straighten me out and help me down stairs.  Nope, not scouts.  Missionaries!  Yup, even offered me water.  That’s what they are doing, offering cold water.  They “saved” me.  And they were there again tonight!  Kindness is all over the place.

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