Coming Back and Moving Forward

My milestone birthday is less than two months away! Changes in latitude, attitude and gratitude. I started to lose weight when I focused on being healthy instead of dieting. Yep, I slip, slip all the time but I get back on track. I think more. As I approach this last bit of my life, I don’t want the same same-old. It’s not only about food. It’s about being positive with change for the better. Why get mired in old behaviors?
I am back at the gym again. Met with the head of training who kept referring to my hip problems ( I have none, my not walking nothing to do with hips) and being older with an accident. OK I am older. He referenced someone”gee, she’s younger than me, maybe 22?” Not auspicious but yes, I am old enough to control the situation. I like the gym and will continue. Plus my health plan will pay me if I go regularly.
Work is out of balance as usual but I am taking steps to change. I spoke to the top guy and followed up. I am learning to market myself, better late than never. I refuse to fall victim to self sabotage again!
And I have made a date – September 19 for a makeover – cut, color, highlights, gloss, mani, pedi, make up. A whole day of torture with a budget for a small country or city. I think the salon will video. And I’ll share. It’s not so much coming back as moving forward

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