The Colors Purple and Red

So, I was at a vendor fair today and took a short afternoon stroll to see what else was there. Ok, so maybe it was more of a gimp but not too bad.  I came back and sat down and my friend stared at my right hand.  Earlier, she had mentioned that another vendor was selling a bracelet just like mine.  Mine was from Corning,  glass irregularly shaped prism like glass in a wire wrap.  This complemented my black NMDJ jeans (last year I had to lie flat on the bed to attempt to zip.  This year, they are dropping off me literall) and a peacock print top.

Ah, can you tell clothing is my life?  I identify events in my life by what I wore when.  This started early. I was telling my husband this week that the first time I had a turkey leg I was ten and wearing a deep plum shantung silk  dress with jacket.  It had a crinoline, of course! A slim black velvet ribbon separating the top from the bottom. The top was white silk and there was the matching little jacket.  I couldn’t stand this dress.  I wanted one of those cheap pastel dresses that all the other little girls wore.  Now,  looking back I see the seeds of the woman I became and my taste.    I digress back to the day at hand.

No, my friend says your hand is purple.  I look down and lo and behold, it is flushed and purple.  Maybe dye came off my peacock top.  No,  it is your hand.  I was a little cold, nothing remarkable.  She grabs my left hand and it is totally normal colored.  My fingers and half way to my wrist are now deep purple even to me. She kneads my hand and the color returns.

Now, normally (uh, what exactly is that?) my hands turn bright red if I am having a hot flash.  These flashes are around a minute.  My hands and even my arms get deep red.  I was nowhere near a hot flash nor really that cold.  My feet were comfortable and they are always frozen.  I flash when I am upset.  I wasn’t upset.  The flashes are nothing.

Earlier, my right knee started to pulse,  visibly under my jeans.  Tonight, my left leg spasmed coming out of the tub.

So three odd things today, purple and red.

I want to wear decent shoes!

I have stared at my hands, looking for purple again and another betrayal.


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