She Gonna Cause the Rafters to Ring- Dolly Dawn

Dolly Dawn – part of my childhood.  I come from a mixed family.  My mother was Jamaican and my dad was from NY and Jewish.  We celebrated everything.  They respected each other and their faiths.  So tonight the kids and I celebrated Passover.  It was one of those weeks.  First night of Passover was Good Friday – not happening.  Saturday they had a Seder with their mother.  Sunday we celebrated Easter.  Monday was out due to Sunday.  Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment.  Wednesday was their mother’s birthday so here we are tonight.  I came in late as the trains were beyond messed up and just turned on the ipod.  It was West Indian music.

After they left, I cranked the Belafonte. And danced.  Well, it kinda resembled Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.  But I sang the songs of my childhood and moved. I played calypso. 

Pretty, pretty Dolly.  She gonna dance, she gonna sing, she gonna cause the rafters to ring.  In my family, we danced, especially around holidays.  My dad used to spin me and sit down.  We would limbo.  I felt reconnected tonight. I miss my family.  I miss dancing.  I kinda did it tonight.  It gives me hope – spectral leg and all.

Perhaps Evelyn Brandon, Donald and Elaine Mullins, Garth MoodieFamily and friends – I hear Ska in my mind when I look at this

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