Starting Drugs

Well,  I received the call at 8 this morning that  I will be getting a shipment of Ampyra on Tuesday.  Two months free, too. What a difference a different insurance makes.  Here’s the thing my doctor isn’t covered but what she prescribes is.  So now, she costs hundreds.  Ah, well.  On my old insurance, the drugs would have been 13 – 1500 a month, not a year, a month.  Now it should be 60 a month.

I am scared. I actually fought it for ages.  The doctor said originally it would help me walk faster.  And I  didn’t need that.  In fact, first time insurance rejected me because I didn’t walk badly enough.  Then she said I could walk longer.  I was sold.  The stagger through three train stations was/is getting to me.  Now, stagger would be welcome.  It’s been cabs the last two weeks which is way too expensive.  And I hear myself turning into a cantankerous, querulous old woman.

I had hoped that the food would have kicked in.  I need to be fair, I have been cheating more and more so I do need to get seriously back on track.  I take baclofen every day and the dose has increased.  It does help but it seems that I need more and more and I don’t like that. I don’t want to become dependent on the drug and I know I will.  My husband says to think of it like the blood pressure pills he needs to take.

It’s only effective 60% of the time.  I don’t consider myself lucky that way so we’ll see.  I may be agitating over nothing.

And then as some of my favorite bloggers have mentioned, what about side effects and reactions?  Really scared.  My dad had high blood pressure always.  He finally was convinced to take meds.  He had a reaction  and he started curling up, literally.  We teased him for years.  I am his child, after all.

I know I need to do this.  I need to retain some functionality, no bilateral support in my future.  I need to continue to come out swinging.

One thought on “Starting Drugs

  1. So, I take Xanax, which is super addictive if abused for my anxiety. I am terrified and have always been of becoming dependent on a drug. But with this MS crap, enough was enough! So, I used it a lot for the first couple weeks to get me through the anxiety and now I take it less and less. My husband likens it to a mental Advil lol! But I get where you’re coming from.

    If you need to baclofen, and it helps you should take it. I read it’s not that addictive or tolerance building, if that eases your mind at all (it wouldn’t mine lol.)


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