Ampyra Plus

Well, I started the Ampyra a week ago.  I had fought against taking drugs for ages.  When I finally gave in,  my insurance wouldn’t pay for it.  New insurance pays.  And it’s reasonable.  So, I started it last Saturday.  Yes,   I was/am worried about side effects.  Uh, seizure is one?  Much trepidation.  So far, so good,  no side effects.  And I am walking better!  It’s amazing.  Thursday, I walked 11,000 steps and was not stumbling and half dead, that night or the next day!  I can’t believe it.  I am fearfully optimistic.  On the one hand, I have read the literature.  This is not a cure.  I can continue to deteriorate.  I do not want to think about this.  Here’s where I am going.  I am taking this as a second chance.  I can go back to Zumba.  I need to find my way back to the gym and build those muscles.

This morning,  I went for MRIs.  I have been getting them from a research study.  It was de-funded and the doctor pointed out that it had been two years and since my left side seemed to be having trouble….  This time the insurance is good.  I didn’t want to go.  What is the point?  I know things have changed.  There’s nothing they can do, so why?  Of course, I had to take the spectral leg off for the MRI and the tech wanted to wheel me into to the room in a wheelchair.  NOOOOO!  I stumbled and gimped on it.  Puhleez!

And I am on a roll,  yesterday I went to get a new spectral leg.  I was shown one that had two thin metal strips in the back but my ankle is too wobbly.  However, there is a graphite one with a thinner back and slimmer sole.  I may be able to wear  nicer shoes. I hate, hate looking disabled.  I am like a newscaster behind a desk – everything looks good until I stand and walk!  I am very vain and ugly shoes impact me.  And I don’t buy what some of my friends tell me about being older and not wearing heels.  Okay, I wouldn’t want to wear stilettos anyway but I see no reason why I can’t with practice and determination get back to kitten heels.   Let’s not even consider crutches or wheelchairs.

My goal is to go back to wearing spectral leg only to and from work and to ditch the cane.  Build those muscles.  So, I need to amp the clean eating.  I am on my way.

2 thoughts on “Ampyra Plus

  1. Go you! You ARE on your way. Mental state counts just as much as what you do physically. I love your determination.


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