June Warrior Check In

Back for June, a little late.

How do I feel today – Today was horrid.  It started out at 4:30 a.m. with a rejection for a job I had interviewed for.  It would have meant getting up later,  more balance and paid medical insurance.  Plus, the area would let my husband work in the same area.  I missed my bus by very little so was late for work.  I had to do a taping at work and enlisted the guy that used to sit behind me.  He’s great to sit with.  Putting it in mild polite terms, he is, at best, a pompous ass to work with.  So,  I have been working on this project for over a year.  One for which he is supposed to act as my admin and enter all the details in the project tool.  I have been told he is claiming credit for it.  I have literally taped this around 20 times.  Couldn’t get the PC to share today for some reason.  He figured it out and gave a great reading.  Then he tells me the script needs to be “wordsmithed”  (I HATE, HATE lingo) and we need professional, real writer.  Grrrr!  Uh, I am one?  It’s the issue I have been facing.  I am currently out of favor, the grass looks greener to them.  After all of that, the tape is lost somewhere on the server.  I had to bring in the laptop (theirs) to do this and it needed security patches installed which took forever and went in a loop.  My phone charger broke.  I thought it had broken in the phone.  My back is hurting me.  It never hurts.  Even with husband helping me I barely made it onto the train.  Some guy dropped his suitcase on my arm.

On the upside, this has all strengthened my resolve.  I will and can get stronger.  I will and can get another job.  It is possible.  I did 12,000 or so steps today.

What did you do for yourself today?

Well, I went to lunch with a friend.  It was peaceful.  I am following through on a promise I made to myself at the beginning of the year to have lunch out of the office.  I ate appropriately, too.

What did I eat today and how did it make me feel – I ate nicely but…. My husband bought me a dish of gelato (verboten) as I type this.  My choice is that if I am going to cheat it will be with good stuff

Did I exercise? What did I do? How did it feel – The steps are moving up.  I am also planning on continuing daily abs work and I have started a yoga challenge and despite back, did not wimp out and did it.  It makes me feel better but also I realize how out of shape I have become.

For whom or what are you grateful? What matters most in life?   Grateful for friends.  My friends were around me today like a swarm.  My husband has been supportive.  What matters most?  Family and friends still hold first place.  The chance and strength to move forward.

Do I have a higher purpose or driving force in my life?   Make a mission statement – Higher purpose still not defined.  Beginning to dream again.  Still working on it.  To never give up, give in and be the best I can be.

How long have I been treated with conventional medicine Ampyra since April. I have walked more than I have in years.

The first time I had a symptom – June 2004 walking on the beach boardwalk

What symptoms are most troublesome – being off balance and not walking well, wearing ugly shoes and consequently ugly clothes.  I have a new spectral leg a.k.a. brace but still my shoes don’t fit.

Do I blame myself for things –  Yes, I am still blaming myself for not being aggressive against this. Still!  And I think always.  It’s funny how we don’t take things seriously

How is stress level? It’s high.  Way, way high

What can I do tomorrow to make it better than today?   Continue to try and be strong, stronger.  Go to the gym!  Smile!  Eat consciously and well.

Until next month.

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